About us

Salt production

The company Pag 91 Ltd is an important Croatian salt producer, distributor and salt supplier founded in 1991. The company's headquarters is located in Pag, which is no coincidence, because Pag has been an important location for sea salt production since ancient times. Since the 10th century, Pag has had the most northerly salt pan in Croatia. Vast salt repositories made of stone are still located in the center of the town. Unfortunately, today they no longer serve their original purpose, but the traditional salt production knowledge dates back to those earlier times. The Pag 91 Company has transferred this knowledge about sea salt and based on many years of experience in producing and processing salt from Pag to other areas in Croatia and has founded its own production facilities in important industrial towns of Rijeka (in the Grobnik area) and Split (in the northern sea port). At our company's production and storage facilities, we organize the complete salt production and processing that includes washing, drying, grinding, sifting, adding additives and packing. Our sea salt producing technology makes full use of the local area's natural advantages, such as the clean environment, proximity to the sea, and the high number of sunny days each year.

Mission PAG 91 Ltd

We create quality products according to the needs and requirements of our customers.
Main goal is to strive for continuous and quality communication with customers and suppliers by building mutual respect.
Our employees are our future. Company work team consists of our experienced employees and young ones looking for new knowledges.
Business decisions are made to increase the value of the company and quality of community life with the aim of preserving the environment.

Vision PAG 91 Ltd

We want to be the leading producer and processor of sea salt on the market of the Republic of Croatia. We will accomplish our leading position through the quality product according to the customers' needs.
Act as supreme company with our dedication to work, continuously increasing product quality and effective human resource management.


Our purpose is to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers through the production and marketing of high-quality salt. In support of this, the company actively participates in the growth and development of the region and the Croatian economy. In the market, the company is recognized as a major manufacturer and distributer of salt. We want to be perceived as a reliable partner by our customers and other interested parties.


Partnership with our customers

Our goal is to identify and satisfy our customer's expectations by providing first-class service and product quality as sea salt producer, distributor and salt supplier.

Our people

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Each employee is encouraged to develop their skills because without their work commitment it would not be possible to adapt quickly and flexibly to the changing demands of the market.

Social responsibility

Our goal is to be a responsible social partner by developing mutually useful relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and the local community. We shall continue our efforts to achieve and maintain the highest standards in salt production and environmental protection.

About sea salt

Sea salt

Life without salt would be impossible. Salt has always been essential for life and has played a vital role in the history and development of human beings. Salt affects the taste of everything. It is present in nearly everything around us. The primary purpose of salt is to satisfy some of the physiological needs of humans and animals. Salt was first used for food and food preservation, and nowadays it is also used in the production of cars, pipes, plastic materials, and even rockets.
The Industrial Revolution widened the use of salt. Firstly, the usage of salt in the chemical industry. Secondly, the usage of road salt for salting in winter conditions and thirdly, for water softening.

Salt grain size

The size of salt crystals can vary from several tenths of a millimetre to several millimetres, depending on the production process and physical treatment (grinding, sifting).
Regardless of the size of crystals, any salt can be ground and sifted to the grain size desired by the customer.


Fine salt is used for various purposes, mostly in the food industry as table sea salt, salt for mixing spices, tanning, for cattle feed production, for agro-food industry, leather industry and for meat
processing. Various granulations of salt are specially adapted to different uses thanks to its density, specific surface and crystal size.


Basically, coarse salt is used for physical treatment of products, that is, their surfaces (the crushing or rubbing process). Examples of
such use in the food industry include dry-cured ham production, fish processing, cabbage salting, etc. Coarse salt is otherwise mostly
used for industrial purposes, water softening, and salting roads in winter conditions.

Interesting facts

Sea salt (NaCl)

In the world of flavors, salt is the taste that changes everything. It brings food to life. It reveals subtleties. Salt emphasizes the talent of the chef who prepares your meal. Food found in nature needs just a little salting. Proper salting in the kitchen is an art form.
It is important to learn from the earliest age that different dishes require different amounts of salt, and also that there are various types of salt.


There are several forms of salt:
Coarse salt: for specific, crunchy salting
Fine salt: for dispersed salting
Flower salt: best quality unrefined salt for sophisticated, subtly nuanced, delicate salting
Fine salt permeates the food deeply, while coarse salt is spread all over
the surface of certain dishes. Flower salt is very specific and highlights a delicate taste.


Salt is in fact sodium chloride (NaCl) which consists of sodium ions (Na+) and chloride ions (Cl-). The salty taste comes from a certain combination of these two ions (40% + 60%). It is often said that grey salt has a specific taste. This comes from an insoluble substance that it contains. This type of salt is normally used as road salt to remove snow and ice from road surfaces.


Kuhinjska i industrijska sol

We offer all types of salt for different purposes: salt for food industries; salt for branded articles in store chains; for producing cattle feed; for water softening; road salt for deicing roads, motorways, streets and town squares.

There are different types of salt packages depending on its purpose:


Industrial salt in 25 kg bags
Industrial salt in 1,000 kg big bags
Salt tablets for softening of water in 25 kg bags
Salt for dishwashers in 2 kg box


Road salt in bulk
Road salt in 10 or 25 kg bags


Table sea salt in 1.5, 10, 25 and 50 kg bags
Table sea salt in a 1 kg box
Table sea salt in 250 g saltcellars
Table sea salt in 500 g jars


Dishwasher sea salt 2kg DIX
Table sea salt in 1 kg bag Plodine
Table sea salt in saltcellar 250 g Plodine

Table sea salt in 1 kg bag S-BUDGET

Production process

Pag 91 d.o.o. Company has years of experience in processing and production of salt through various processes in our plants. The salt
is washed, milled, iodinated, dried, sifted and enriched with necessary additives. Then it is packed according to customer requirements and its purpose. Our production facilities are equipped with modern machinery so the processing of salt that can satisfy all customer requirements. Details of our production facilities can be seen in the following video:


Quality system

As part of our continuous efforts to ensure customer satisfaction, product reliability and improvement in quality, the Pag 91 Company has obtained the ISO 9001 version 2008 quality system certificate. The Pag 91 Company has developed and implemented this quality system and the HACCP system in order to:
- Demonstrate its ability to consistently offer services that are in accordance with the expectations and requirements of customers as well as with the applicable regulations (standards, laws etc.).
- Increase customers' satisfaction through the effective application of both systems, including continuous improvements and prevention of non-conformity.
- Identify, assess and control the dangers relevant to food safety.
Our quality system complies with the international ISO 9001:2008 standard. The HACCP system is in line with the Codex Alimentarius document by the commission, CAC/RCP 1-1969, rev. 4-2003. Our quality system and the HACCP system apply not only to our production processes, but also to all processes within our company.
The goal of both systems is to cover all processes and manufacturing steps and to fulfill the expectations of consumers who are looking for reliable information about the quality of the food.
We conduct controls of our products in our internal laboratory, and we work closely with accredited laboratories in Croatia (Institute for Public Health, Bioinstitut d.o.o., Croatiakontrola etc.). The Company is in possession of the Kosher certificate for many years.



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